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We Buy Houses
“Sell My House Fast For Cash”

If you need to sell your house fast, don’t get caught up in all the red tape that comes with conventional real estate sales. Company That Buys Houses to sell your house for cash without any contingencies, closing costs, uncertainties, or delays! It’s 100% FREE! Learn How Our Home Buying Process Works!

As a family-owned cash-for-houses company, we understand that deciding to sell your home is rarely easy. Whether you’re relocating for work or you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage, knowing you can sell your house fast can make a difficult situation much less stressful. That’s why we’re focused on listening to our customers’ needs. From our free, no-obligation cash offers to our fast and flexible transaction process, everything we do is entirely on your terms and timeline.

Moreover, we buy houses 100% as is, with no strings attached, making it virtually effortless to sell your home for instant cash. The best part? Unlike iBuyers and other services, we’re fully transparent about our valuations. Our goal is to find a fair price for everyone — and we aren’t going to make you haggle to get it.

Cash Home Buyers

Are you thinking about selling your house via traditional real estate agents? Many factors, from the local housing market to the national interest rate, can affect how quickly you can sell your house and how much you earn. Depending on your priorities, even rising home prices aren’t necessarily reasonable. The pool of interested and financially qualified buyers typically shrinks as prices increase. As a result, it could take a lot longer than anticipated to get a good offer.

If you’d rather sell your house fast, you can start with a cash offer from Company That Buys Houses. We’re professional cash buyers who buy houses directly without needing realtors, financial institutions, or other parties. We have the experience and resources needed to sell your house fast and just be done.

Get An Offer Today, Sell In A Matter Of Days

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We Buy Houses In All Situations

Even with plenty of time to prepare, selling your house can be challenging. Whether you use a broker or advertise with a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) listing, trying to sell a property the old-fashioned way can mean months of uncertainty. The tension can be overwhelming when unexpected life events require you to sell your house fast. Liens, bankruptcy filings, building code violations, and other complications can make it even harder to sell, leaving you with many questions and few good options.

Luckily, we’re here to provide honest guidance and hassle-free solutions. As the leading cash home buyers, we’re ready to purchase your residential or commercial property, regardless of the situation. We’ve helped countless people like you deal with various real estate issues and avoid the stress of ordinary home sales. We take pride in our ability to get deals done quickly, so don’t hesitate to call and see how you can sell your house fast for cash in a matter of days.

Facing Foreclosure

If your home is headed for auction due to missed mortgage or property tax payments, we’ll ensure you can sell your house fast to raise the funds needed to settle your debts.

Expensive Repairs

From fixing faulty, worn-out electrical fixtures to repairing severe structural damage, we take full responsibility for everything when we buy houses for cash.

Inheriting A House

Inheriting property isn’t always good news, but we make it easy to bypass probate procedures and sell your inheritance fast to pay off estate debts or disburse cash assets to beneficiaries.

Going Through a Divorce

Agreeing to sell your house fast for cash is often the most sensible way to simplify your divorce proceedings, ensuring the process is as swift and painless as possible.

Preparing To Relocate

We buy houses in a fraction of the time it generally takes realtors to sell your home, freeing up equity fast so you can finance your move as soon as you’re ready to leave.

Tired of Being a Landlord

Suppose you want to leave the rental business fast. Why not sell your house for cash and let us handle tenant disputes, abandoned furniture, property damage, or other obstacles?

How Do I Sell My House Fast for Cash?

Real estate sales are often slow and convoluted, with complex terms and stipulations that can cause a deal to fall through. Fortunately, selling your house couldn’t be easier when you work with reputable real estate investors who pay cash for homes in any condition. If you’re ready to sell your house fast, we’ll help you do it in three simple steps.

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We Buy Houses for Cash

Sell Without Repairs

Is your condo showing its age? Has the duplex you’ve inherited fallen into disrepair? Are you tired of paying taxes on that failed fixer-upper you never got around to flipping? Whatever the problem, we’ve got you covered. We buy houses for cash in any condition, meaning you can skip the repair work, sell your house fast, and save your hard-earned cash for more important things.

Sell Without Agents

Before hiring a licensed realtor, consider the work required to get your home market-ready. Being listed on the multiple listing service (MLS) might get you better offers, but only after your house has been carefully cleaned, renovated, staged, and shown to potential buyers. For many homeowners, taking a slightly lower cash offer is worth it to avoid the inconvenience of a standard real estate sale.

Sell Without Fees

Between real estate agent commissions, insurance fees, and other negotiable expenses, the closing costs associated with traditional home sales add up fast. Depending on the state, sellers typically expect to pay an average of 6% and 10% of the final sale price. However, you’ll never pay surprise fees or commissions when you sell your house for cash. The amount you’re quoted is the amount of cash you’ll get.

Where We Buy Houses

Here at Company That Buys Houses, we’ve invested a lot of hard work and resources to establish ourselves as a trusted alternative to the usual real estate power brokers. Whereas most realtors are only concerned with attracting the highest offers, we strive to deliver an outstanding customer service experience built on trust, convenience, and peace of mind. If you’re planning to sell your house for cash you can depend on us to get your money quickly.

From mobile homes and duplexes to condos and multi-family units, we buy houses in all conditions and circumstances. Need cash fast to pay off taxes or credit card debts? We’ll turn your unwanted land and property into cash without costly fees. Afraid you won’t find a homebuyer in time before moving out of state? We can help you sell your house for cash in as little as a week.

Sell Your House the Simple Way

While many real estate agents quickly lock you into exclusive contracts, we encourage you to explore your options first. Every selling method has pros and cons, but we believe our service is attractive when you need to sell your house for fast cash with minimal hassle. We offer a variety of benefits that you just can’t get from an old-fashioned sale.

Free and Fair Cash Offer

Our experienced team makes every effort to ensure our quick cash offers are transparent, competitive, and reasonably priced. You aren’t obligated to sell when you’re offered a proposal, so there’s no risk in applying for a free quote to see if a cash sale is right for you.

No Repairing or Renovating

Once you start inspecting your house to prepare it for the market, it may not take long before you find yourself over your budget. Instead, save yourself a lot of headaches and let us handle whatever needs to be updated or fixed when you sell.

No Cleaning or Staging Needed

Unlike most homebuyers, we don’t need your house to be perfectly spotless and meticulously arranged to see its value. We buy houses for cash just how they are, so you can stop stressing out about cleaning up clutter and put your mind at ease.

No Hidden Fees or Commissions

Why pay a broker or listing agent a substantial commission to find potential buyers when we buy houses for cash daily? By cutting out the middleman, you can work directly with us to get your home sold fast with zero fees and zero closing costs.

We Buy Homes in “As-Is” Condition

When time is of the essence, selling your home as-is allows you to skip many of the standard measures required to improve your property and prepare it for sale. Even if your house no longer looks its best, we aren’t here to judge you or make offensive offers.

Flexible Closing Dates

As independent cash house buyers, our fast transaction process allows you to choose when to sell. Whether you want to move ahead immediately or prefer more time to get your ducks in a row, we buy houses on your schedule.

Cash For Houses

At Company That Buys Houses, we’re a truly full-service homebuyer. We buy houses fast regardless of their current shape or circumstances, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger to get a quick cash offer. Inherited an untidy home filled with furniture and other assorted litter? Grab anything you want to keep when you sell and leave the rest to us. Are you tired of trying to collect rent from the troublesome tenants occupying your duplex? Once you sell your property, that’s our problem to solve!

Advantages of a Cash Home Buying Company

You want to sell your house fast, but you aren’t desperate or foolish enough to take pennies on the dollar. You also don’t want to waste any more time cleaning out junk, repairing structural damage, or dealing with plumbing and electrical malfunctions. Most importantly, you aren’t thrilled about losing a considerable portion of your home’s value to closing costs and other assorted charges tacked on by greedy middlemen. So, what’s the solution? Just call your local cash home-buying experts at Company That Buys Houses!

As a veteran cash-for-houses company, we offer a seamless experience designed to streamline the selling process and put cash in your hand when needed. There are no outrageous fees, home inspections, showings, or open houses. You don’t have to repair that cracked foundation or renovate that archaic kitchen that looks straight out of the 1970s. As long as your house, mobile home, or condo still stands, we’ll be there to buy it fast with money you can use immediately.

Our quick cash offers never feature any appraisal, inspection, financing, or right-to-assign contingencies that can slow down or derail traditional deals. Once we make an offer, you can take it to the bank. Moreover, we base our quotes on detailed calculations that include the age and condition of your home, where your land is located, and the cost of comparable houses and nearby areas. While we can’t pay market prices for properties, this ensures our cash proposals are always honest and reasonable.

In addition, we can swiftly navigate the many complex issues that may arise during the buying and selling process. Our personable staff can help you manage anything from probate or bankruptcy proceedings to tax liens, questionable deeds, or other potential title defects. Our experts have seen and worked through it before, no matter the hangup.

Selling a House for Cash FAQs

Why is a cash offer better for a seller?

For property owners who value speed and simplicity, it’s hard to beat the peace of mind afforded by an as-is cash offer. There are no unnecessary hoops to jump through, and you never need to worry about the agreement falling apart when you sell your house fast for cash. You also have no obligation to sell, so why not request an offer and spend some time reviewing your options?

Can you sell a house in five days?

Whether moving away or facing a financial crisis, every day counts when you urgently need to sell your house. If you’re under serious time pressure, you can rest assured that we’ll employ all our expertise to help you sell your house for cash as fast as possible. This can be done in as few as five to seven days, though it may take longer for houses with outstanding title defects.

What is the fastest way to sell a house?

In a conventional real estate deal, closing escrow can take at least one to two months, even with a motivated buyer. This usually involves hours of paperwork, laborious financing reviews, and approvals from various third-party companies, but not when you sell to Company That Buys Houses. Because we buy houses weekly throughout the region, our established cash financing and purchasing systems let us expedite transactions and minimize delays.

Is selling my house for cash a good idea?

Hiring a licensed realtor is typically the best way to secure the highest possible price for a well-maintained home with significant equity. If you own a fixer-upper or need money immediately, contacting a cash buyer for a fast quote is a safe and sensible choice. Even if you plan to list your house on the market, getting a no-obligation evaluation is a risk-free way to ensure you’ve covered all your bases.

The Easiest Way To Sell Your House

Selling property shouldn’t be a difficult and frustrating ordeal. You shouldn’t have to waste money on costly renovations and agent fees, disrupt your home life to accommodate private showings, or worry that the deal you agreed to won’t break down at the last minute. You deserve better. You deserve a quick cash offer to sell your house fast without spending a dime on repairs or closing costs.

That’s precisely what you’ll get when you choose Company That Buys Houses. True to our name, we buy houses of all types, providing a uniquely fast and effortless service for sellers. Over the years, we’ve worked with homeowners, flippers, landlords, real estate investors, and other land owners across the US. We’ve reviewed countless properties and issued consistently competitive cash offers with no sneaky charges or tricky contract terms. We always treat our customers with integrity and respect, which you can see by checking our online reviews and testimonials.

Looking for more information or have questions? Our team is eager to help if you’re unsure where to start. Call our local office today 866-863-3717 or use the contact form on our website to get a cash offer and discuss what we can do for you.

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